11 Plus Introduction

What is 11 Plus

It tends to be very difficult to get accurate information, about the 11 plus and how to get ready for it. That is the reason we will cover the nitty gritty of what the 11+ test is and how it functions.

The 11 Plus Selective Test

Most secondary schools in the UK are non-selective and take children of all capabilities. Though in certain areas selective state secondary schools known as grammar schools still exist. These schools take their students based on academic capability.

The 11+ test is used to ascertain if a child is right for grammar school. It’s also used for admission to some independent schools. Children usually take the test in the first term of their last year at primary school.

Some schools choose students based just on the 11+ test results but others look at other aspects for e.g. whether you live near to the school or if you have other kids at the school.