11 Plus Verbal Reasoning
The 11+ Verbal Reasoning Exam assesses your child’s word knowledge, logic and basic maths skills., and also how quickly and effectively they can process information.

Verbal Reasoning is not part of the National Curriculum; therefore, it may feel quite strange for children who have not seen questions framed in this way before. Practising these kinds of questions will help familiarise children with a style of testing that they won’t experience at school.

Although 11+ Verbal Reasoning Exam vary from region to region these are the key topics that your child will be tested on:

The Alphabet: Process verbal information, Spell accurately
Making Words: Apply logical thinking and problem-solving skills
Word Meanings: Determine word meaning
Maths and Sequences: Apply basic maths skills
Logic and Coding: Work systematically, understand patterns and rules

Interactive Test Format
The interactive online tests display 5-10 questions at a time, selected randomly from a data bank of 11 Plus questions within each quiz.

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Practice Test Includes

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